How To Keep Clothes In Drawers Smelling Fresh

4 Ways to Make Your Clothes Smell Good – wikiHow – Jun 06, 2016  · How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good. Do your clothes sometimes smell musty or dirty, even immediately after you wash them? Would you.

Nov 28, 2016. You can wrap a bar in clean fabric and tuck it in your closet, drawer or even a. Scented wooden hangers can be used to keep clothes smelling.

In fact, aside from underwear, most of your clothes can last longer than just one wear before they need to be washed. 5. Dry clean as little as. Use lavender in your drawers. Not only does it smell nice but it’ll keep moths and bugs away.

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Keeping Your Clothes Smelling Fresh in the Drawers and Closets. Wouldn't it be nice if when you put your clothing into a drawer or closet for a few weeks or.

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Aug 12, 2011. When clean fresh-smelling clothing goes into the dresser, and unclean. If you live in a humid area, keep the drawers open a crack and set a.

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Even better, you can throw dryer sheets into luggage, sleeping bags, and drawers to keep clothes smelling clean. Screengrab via Slate Dryer sheets are fantastic at helping clean laundry smell clean. But did you know they can also.

DIY Quick/Easy:  Make Clothing Smelling Fresh In Closet & Keep It From Musty OdorHow to Keep Your Clothes Drawers Smelling Fresh |. – Do you like your clothes smelling fresh even when they are in your drawers. With this simple tip your clothes will smell fresh all the time, and all you need is a few.

Drawers, she believes, should "only be for the things that you’re wearing on a regular basis, like underwear, swimsuits and workout clothes. sachets and even lemon peel rinds, which keep items dry and nice smelling. Be careful around.